5 Power Copy Writing Techniques That Keep Readers Interested

5 Power Copy Writing Techniques That Keep Readers Interested

Here is the Answer: 5 Tips for writing great copy

Before you begin your copy writing adventure, realize that a good piece of copy is very dependent on the message you are trying to send and how relevant what you write is to that message.

Copy is like the Steak in a great dinner at the Steak House.

It doesn’t matter if you have a great Salad, wonderful Baked Potato and a scrumptious Dessert… if the Steak is bad e.g., undercooked, burned, served cold, wrong spices on it, then the whole dinner is sabotaged.

The same thing happens with writing copy.

You as a Writer, just like the Chef at the Steak House, need to invest some time in acquiring the tools and skills that you need to write not just good but Power Copy.

If you don’t invest the time, then you miss out by writing copy that misses the mark… that doesn’t provide the “Steak” for your Copy Dinner and ends up ineffective and unread just like the “Bad Steak” that wasn’t eaten or enjoyed.

Tip Number 2. Down and Dirty

You gotta know something about what you intend to write about. Fiction this ain’t.

Fairy tales are great for kids but perceptive readers who are interested in and knowledgeable about your copy message will quickly dismiss your offering and leave if you don’t have accurate relevant information for them.

If you are like me and tried to compose copy describing the best way to rebuild a diesel engine, what could you write? I’d be inclined to direct them to the nearest diesel mechanic! But this isn’t what good copy writers do.

To shed some light on the subject, find a diesel mechanic and interview him or her. Find some repair manuals, do it yourself guides and even a good encyclopedia and dig into them.

Research is a great tool for writers and it pays off. When you have your facts in hand, along with references for where you got the information, then start writing!

Tip Number 3. The Customer is always Right!

You need to relate to your readers or audience by “talking” to them in a “voice” they are comfortable with. In other words find out what your customer is interested in and write copy that will perk their interest and keep them reading.

Remember your mechanic interview?

Really listen to the mechanics words and how they were presented and emphasized. Words you don’t understand, research because if the mechanic thought them important, then your potential customer will be hypnotized by getting “real” information from a pro!

Something important to remember: What is the reading level of the person you to whom you are directing this great power copy? Back to Research!

Know who you are “talking to” and incorporate language that can be read, understood and related to by your reader.

It wouldn’t make sense to write about the latest Fads in Eye Makeup for Teens and use vernacular more suited to Grandma on the golf course in the Retirement Village in Florida!

Keep in mind, this power copy message is factual, informative, stimulates the imagination and you wouldn’t be writing it unless you wanted to sell something.

Tip Number 4. Incorporate the Use of Correct Grammar

Don’t lose your authority and professionalism by using incorrect grammar, overlooking spelling errors and in general disrespecting your reader by not caring about your presentation. You don’t want to be labeled as an amateur and detract from your Expert Rating because of careless mistakes.

Tip Number 5. The Almighty Headline

Get this right and you have it made. Get it wrong and lose 7 out of 10 readers… well not readers… just a glance, a quick look for a second or two, not interested and don’t read.

How, How To, New, To (the person you are targeting), Save, and even Free are often good beginners for Headlines and Numbers work too.

The human mind perceives numbers in a different part of the physical brain and processes them a little longer than just plain text, so maybe you get an extra glance! One theory is that the mind tries to calculate the value of a number as opposed to just absorbing the information presented in text.


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