Knowing Your Reader: What to Research When Writing Persuasive Sales Copy

Knowing Your Reader: What to Research When Writing Persuasive Sales Copy

Persuasive copywriting is a type of copywriting that directly reaches out to a reader and converts them into a customer. It’s like speaking face-to-face with another person and convincing them to act on something that you want them to do, and in this case, make a purchase. 

Unlike other forms of copywriting, persuasive copywriting can be strong and pushy, but it is proven to be effective in bringing in sales conversions when used properly. Also, it uses methods that not only provokes one’s logic but their emotions as well.

A key to winning customers through persuasive copywriting is through research. Yes, you have to do in-depth research about your target customers, as by knowing them like the back of your hand, the more capable you are in turning them into loyal fans.

What should you know about your target customers in the first place? 

  1. Needs.

People have needs. These needs even come in different priority levels, according to Maslow’s hierarchy concept. They act according to these needs, and they do whatever it takes to address them. It is then essential that you know not only about the things your audience needs but also how they act to achieve them.

By knowing how they handle their necessities, you can project your offer in a way that speaks to your audience. In doing so, your readers would start looking at your product or service to be something essential to their existence, and this increases their inclination to follow your call-to-action.

  1. Fears.

People are most vulnerable when afraid. As a copywriter, you want them to be vulnerable, as this is the best situation in which you can make them say yes to the product or service that you offer. 

If you are selling a mobile phone repair service, then your target clients’ worst fear is having their phone’s LCD screen broken. You may want to present your service through this utterly terrifying situation and make your readers see that the best way to combat this fear or pain is through your offer.

  1. Desires.

What is it that your readers desire? All of us human beings want something so bad, we’d do everything to get it. Some of us want to get rich, others want to travel the world, and there are those who want to experience inner peace. When selling a product, service, investment offer, you have to look into your audience’s desires so that you know how to make them see you are giving them the ticket to reach their dreams.

Investment companies often use people’s aspirations when selling their latest networking platforms. Of course, who doesn’t want to make big money in a short span of time? Because of this desire as the focal point of the sales copy, companies win a lot of members who not merely sign up –but are willing to shell out huge amounts of investment money as well.

In a nutshell

Getting to know your readers not only helps a lot in creating a copy that sells; it gives you key points to get through their minds and hearts. When your readers realise that you know them right down to the core and that you understand their situations and are offering a way for them to live a better life in one way or another, it becomes easier for them to be converted into your customers.

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